20 Most Promising Symantec Solution Providers 2017

Although organizations continue to invest a fortune on securing their information, the repeated occurrence of high profile data breaches raise questions about even the most advanced level of enterprise data security. With the data from Internet of Things systems too being reported as vulnerable to hackers, the need for quality information security solutions has never been greater. These factors signal the advancement of hacking techniques alongside company security firewall policies.

Company Name

Company Description

Champion Solutions Group A Symantec partner that provides security products and services helping companies in lock down networks crisis
Chester Inc Provides managed anti-virus and endpoint security solutions
Clare Computer Solutions Partnering with Symantec to efficiently protect enterprise IT environment from malwares, ransomwares and other cyber-crimes
coNetrix Provides network consulting, security testing, risk management and compliance solutions
ConRes Addresses the key vulnerability areas in data center, information technology environments and BYOD devices
Corus 360 Addresses the full attack continuum protecting their network applications and data
Dasher Technologies Provides cost effective and easily manageable security solutions like risk assessment, firewall protection and security monitoring
Datablue Develops high-performance networking solutions that are secure, scalable and configured to prevent downtime
DLT Helps in correlating all the gathered security data to efficiently prioritize and focus business efforts.
Emagined Security Offers real-time proactive security consulting services to help enable business functions prevent losses
HighVail Offers security and risk advisory services to cloud-based environments
Infolock Technologies Provides data security solutions and services that enable customers to identify, monitor, protect, and control access to sensitive and proprietary information, through Symantec portfolio
InteliSecure Delivers security services tailored to safeguard enterprise assets from the escalating frequency and scale of global cybersecurity threats
Intelligent Decisions Offers a broad range of cyber security support and management from assessments to implementation and certification
Intuitive Technology Group Provides a multi-phased security solution integration methodology for a wide range of security solutions
ITS Offers key Risk Management functions including Data Loss Prevention amd Advanced Threat Protection using Symantec toolset
NetX Information Systems Offers a cyber-resilient strategy, to safeguard organizations from targeted attacks and the persistent threats of advanced viruse
Providence Consulting Offering end-to-end security solutions and support for small and medium businesses
Quadrotech Specializes in email migration projects, providing solutions that guarantee security, speed and value for money during the migration project and into the future
Symantec Symantec offers strategic and integrated solutions to defend against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, cloud and infrastructure